2-in-1 horn: horn and mat for play and changing, velvet + 100% cotton

Introducing a new product for the non-summer season: the 2-in-1 summer cone / play and changing mat

2-in-1 summer cone / play and changing mat

A summer cone with a thin filling tied with a decorative bow, which can be successfully transformed into a play mat or changing mat at any time.

The inner side is made of natural 100% cotton with a decorative velvet border. The outer side is sewn from cuddly velvet, which is dirt-resistant.

The bow allows the cone to be perfectly adjusted to the size of the baby. The lack of velcro, snaps or buttons makes it completely safe and comfortable for toddlers. It definitely makes it easier to carry, feed and cuddle babies. Irreplaceable in a layette. Ideal as a babyshower gift.

The horn is not padded. The lack of a rigid surface under the baby's back is also important in maintaining the baby's ergonomic body position, the so-called cradle position. The cone provides the baby with a sense of security. Its thickness and the materials used guarantee the right body temperature for the baby, without the risk of overheating.


The 2-in-1 cone, serves not only as a cone, but also as a play mat or changing mat for the baby. The combination of cotton and velvet works perfectly, natural yet elegant and chic.

TOG 1-1.5

Guaranteed product safety and quality, maintaining the relevant approvals and certificates.
Care - machine washable at 30°C, spin at max. 800.

Dimensions when unfolded: 75x75 cm +/- 1 cm.

Composition: 100% cotton, velvet with " Safe for baby" certificate, Filling - anti-allergic silicone.

Natural 100% cotton fabric produced in Poland, which does not cause any irritations or allergies. Extremely soft and pleasant to the touch, yet durable in use.

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