Bedding for pram "S" with decorative frame 100% cotton +velvet

The quilt is made of the highest quality cotton and VELVET. The exceptional softness of cotton favours relaxation and makes the child's sleep pleasant. Subdued design and colours make the bedclothes very subtle and elegant. Ideally matches the pram. It is very useful during walks in colder weather.


Velvet + cotton pram set: duvet with frame without zip, pillow case with zip.

The duvet is decorated with a velvet frame, has no zipper. It is quilted so that the filling does not move during washing. The pillowcase, on the other hand, is made entirely of cotton, double-sided, zipper.

The use of a safe zipper, without any protruding elements, guarantees comfort and safety of use.

Guaranteed safety and quality of the product, maintaining the relevant attestations and certificates.
Care - machine washable at 30°C, spin at max. 800, do not iron Velvet side.

Duvet with decorative frame, quilted 60 x 70 cm.
Pillow case with zipped cover 30 x 35 cm.

Natural 100% cotton fabric produced in Poland, which does not cause any irritations or allergies. Extremely soft and pleasant to the touch, yet durable in use.

The Velvet fabric we use in production is certified "Safe for Children". The advanced technology used in the production of this fabric makes VELVET very durable and breathable. It is based on a dense weave of extremely thin polyester fibres - even thinner than silk, which makes it even more delicate and nice to touch, and so absolutely friendly for the sensitive baby skin.

Our pram bedding has an antiallergenic filling that is as light and soft as natural down. It is well air-permeable and at the same time takes care of heat regulation, ensuring a high comfort of sleep. Prevents dust mite and dust deposition. The pillow - silicone ball, the duvet - 100% siliconised polyester filling.

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