Universal sleeping bag for stroller, car seat or on sleds

Universal baby's sleeping bag, which is perfect to stroller, car seat or sleds. Warm, sewn from baby soft cotton and soft velvet fabric, perfect for the autumn / winter season. In addition, the sleeping bag is waterproof. It has 12 holes for safety belts, thanks to which it fits strollers and car seats of different manufacturers. The sleeping bag is also very comfortable to use, zippered, which you can completely untie and take out the child freely. The upper part of the sleeping bag fastened with a practical hood, protects the baby's head from the wind.

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Universal sleeping bag for stroller or sleds. To choose option with anti-shock pillow BUTTERFLY or without.
12 openings for safety belts.
The upper part of the sleeping bag has fastening practical hood, protects the baby's head and ears.
Antiallergic insulation with a thicknes of approx. 3 cm.

Muff. Fluffy antiallergic filling. The inner layer of special ortalion protects against wind, cold and moisture. Sheathing soft, velvet pleasant to the touch.

Zippered on the sides.

Guaranted safety and quality of the product, attestations and certificates.
Care - can be machine washed at 30°C, max. spin 800rpm. (rot per minute) don't iron VELVET side.

Sleping bag 95 x 45 cm.

Natural 100% cotton fabric produced in Poland, which does not cause any irritation or allergy. Extremely soft and pleasant to the touch and at the same time durable in use.

VELVET - soft fabric, which does not cause any irritation baby delicate skin.

Anti-allergic filling - 100% silicone polyester insert.

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