Sleeping bag with legs - COTTON 100%


The sleeping bag with legs ensures that your baby is properly wrapped and covered throughout the night without you having to check whether he or she is undressed and freezing in the cot. It is also an ideal solution for children who love night "walks". Through special openings in the legs, the baby can move freely. When the baby sleeps, it can tuck its legs in like a traditional sleeping bag and then put the legs back on when it is older. The sleeping bag can be used all year round.



Sleeper with legs printed motif - collection.

Comfortable fastening: Zip-up (a way to completely unfasten the sleeping bag to make it easier to wrap the child in the sleeping bag and fasten it easily). The tab perfectly protects the child's skin from irritation.

2.5 TOG  scale.

The welts at the legs are soft and gentle and do not press the baby's tiny legs. They are made of pleasant fabric which does not irritate.

Guaranteed safety and quality of the product, keeping appropriate certificates and attestations. Care - can be washed in a washing machine at 30°C, spinning at max 800 rpm.

Sleeping bag with legs, size 80-98cm

Total length 90cm +/- 1cm

Width under the stripes 35cm

Width at widest point 50cm +/- 1cm

Natural 100% cotton fabric produced in Poland, which does not cause any irritation or allergy. Extremely soft and pleasant to the touch and at the same time durable in use.

Anti-allergic filling - 100% silicone polyester insert.

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