Sleeping bag for preschooler

Sleeping bag for preschooler, automotive fan. Perfect not only for kindergarten but also during holiday trips, on the beach, in garden or on bivouac. Handy for a short, summer nap on a hammock or in a tent. Beautiful design and colors will make your child relax. Sleeping bag is extremaly practical. Made all from antialergic cotton 100%, perfect quality.




Sleeping bag for preschooler with storage  bag.

Antialergic filling.
Safe zipp. Easy wash function - pull-on cover.
Drawstrings on both sides - child always remains covered.

Guaranteed safety and quality of the product, attestations and certificates.
Care - can be machine washed at 30°C, max. spin 800 rpm.

Total length of the sleeping bag unfolded 245cm +/- 2cm

Sleeping bag width 75cm +/- 2cm

Length of folded sleeping bag 145cm +/- 2cm

Length of the duvet that covers the child 95cm +/- 2cm

Additionally, cushion length 50cm +/-2cm

Natural 100% cotton fabric produced in Poland, which does not cause any irritation or allergy. Extremely soft and pleasant to the touch and at the same time durable in use.

Anti-allergic filling - 100% silicone polyester insert.

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